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Mani and the Music

I began singing when I was a little girl with the first time singing in public at age 4.  Following were the appearances for school, and later this led to other public performances as my confidence continued to mature.  Music became a passion, that continues to flow within me.


I like my listeners to know that making of this website project is not about trying to impress on others that I am a big vocalist and writer of music, but that it is my desire to share the collection of Soulful Serenades with like minded people.


A few years ago, I had produced a CD of soulful devotional songs and donated them to a few associations within a community for their fundraising event.  I was honored and humbled to learn that it was touching so many people.


My first true realization of this was during a recent visit to Australia, where I was invited to sing at the 11th World Zoroastrian Congress. It was there I happened to meet many whom had been relishing the devotional songs sung by me.  It was after this event that I got inspired to create this Soulful Serenades website where I can share this beautiful soulful music with the world.


Here you will find the music to listen, purchase, and sing along as lyrics are available for you on this site.

I also encourage you to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my Tribute to India, plus watch these YouTube videos that feature my music: Khudavind Khavind and O Dadgar O Davar.

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