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Creating deeper connections

through devotional music.

Good Thoughts.

Good Words.

Good Deeds.

"Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together."

-Edgar Winter

Music Like You've
Never Heard Before

Soulful Serenades helps  you to make a deeper connection by touching your souls with  the art of music, the  language that every one understands.  If you hope to make a deeper soulful connection with the universal language of music, you are at the right place.

Soulful Serenades Music


Connect to the

In November 2018, at the Parliament of World  Religions, Mani was invited to be a part of Spirit Soaring: A Women's Art Salon group where she talked about the art of music: how it connects to the divine and experience spirituality with the expression of music.


A few years ago Mani made a presentation and sang monajats at well-known Universities in Poland. Attendees had no background in Indian music and were taken with the melody and style, as well as the gentle soothing sounds that transcend all language.

Joy from a
Precious Child

While in Chicago, a young mother approached Mani after a performance at the Dar e Mehr and shared her 3 year old son wants to play Mani's cd whenever he is in car with her! What a joy to know that her songs have become a favorite for this precious child!

Perks Up
When Listening

While in Melbourne, Mani was invited to the home of a friend, who shared her mom has Alzheimers. Imagine Mani's astonishment to hear that her mom perks up whenever she listens to Mani's monajat cd.

Feeling Soulful and Blessed

A friend struggling with multiple chronic illnesses recently called to Mani how soulful and blessed she feels when she listens to my cd.

Beautiful Experiences


Connect With Mani

We are always happy to hear from visitors whether it is to share their experience, request music lyrics, for music lessons or connect with Mani if you would like to arrange a program for singing Monajats, Bhajans or Hindi filmi songs. Send her an email or complete the form below.

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"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory."

- Oscar Wilde

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